The Truth About the Mysterious Dog Who Stares at Grate everyday shocked people

We don't pay enough attention to animals that wander around. Thousands of them walk through the streets that are in the front of our houses each day, which is why we can safely say that they are fairly widespread. This is particularly true for busy metropolises, more than any other places in the world.

Sometimes, however, events occur that make it impossible to ignore the stray dogs. One stray German Shepherd captured the imagination and awe of many people by his behavior.

The Lost in the crowd

A heavy mist fell over the eastern side of Istanbul. People gathered in a flurry and swung through the crowds after they left their daily routine. Most people are oblivious of what's in their path. So, it is not surprising that the tiny shape darting and weaving between their legs went unnoticed while he hurriedly moved around corners as he walked past shops and carts opening up for a day's work.

Although this might be the norm in many cities, residents are likely to discover the shocking facts about their canine neighbor as this seemingly innocuous German shepherd will shock everyone!