20 Celebrities who voiced animated characters
One of the main reasons people choose to watch movies is that the main character in the film is played by their preferred actor. But it's not always the case and some people are devoted to the particular director, writer or even a composers however, the majority is in it because of the eye-candy in the characters. When it comes to animated movies the importance of this aspect is less, since those films will be localized into dozens of other languages, and there will be no evidence of the original voice acting. The producers of animated films still try to bring in as many celebrities as possible and, if they can, be the top of the line at the American box office.

This is the reason that almost every modern animated film will have at least a few singers, a few actors and maybe one or two athletes to add some spice. It's a marketing strategy directed at us. While there are plenty of experienced and skilled voice actors, the Hollywood brand name is what earns the big bucks. Here are 20 actresses and actors who have brought these animated films to life with their distinctive voices!

Lorax in The Lorax - Danny DeVito