Timeless Classics: Top 10 Modern Bags That Never Get Out Of Style

Bags can be classified into two categories: regular and legendary. The designer ones that are now the norm of style and worth the price of a million dollars. Women aspire to these models, and people queue up for these models. They buy knockoffs when they cannot afford the originals. These bags are stylish and practical. Women with an iconic bag such as one of these in their collection are able to easily highlight their status within the society and display their style and taste. We present you with the top 10 bags from the world's best-known fashion house that have remained timeless over time.

Noe by Louis Vuitton

The designers of Louis Vuitton created many women's bags that are now famous. Alma, Speedy, Neverfull each were a huge success. However, in 1932, the Noe model was designed on the advice from one of the producers of champagne, and what a cult masterpiece it became. The most important aspects that were taken into account when designing this bag were sturdiness and design, since the idea was to fit at minimum five bottles of wine into the bag. It soon became a Louis Vuitton classic.