28 Celebrities who have had their COVID-19 vaccination

As 2020 came into the picture just a handful of people knew about what was to come -- the great COVID-19 pandemic. This illness has brought about dramatic changes in the lives of billions of people across the globe. It's forced us to reconsider our life's principles and reorganize the top priorities.

Despite the affluent number of COVID-19-related deaths The world is slowly recovering and taking small steps towards eliminating the disease. Researchers from our lab spent one year to design the first vaccines which were promising, and then another six months before they could start vaccinating people. The tale continues as People become skeptical, believing correlation to be causation. They refuse vaccinations, and the virus is spread, and only the strongest will endure. Thankfully, we have amazing role models, such as actors, athletes and other stars, who are not afraid to show everyone that vaccines aren't the enemy.

Here are 28 out of many more celebs who have been leading by example, enthusing everyone to go get vaccinated!

Sir Anthony Hopkins