Are you having trouble understanding the behavior of your cat? Here's what you must know

We have probably all heard a cat purr at least a few time in our lives. Most of us think that it's an obvious sign that a cat is happy and likely having fun but this is not always the case. The purring sound is easily identified by the vibration that occurs in cats' throats. This is one of the few cat behaviors that are exhibited from the day they are born and throughout their entire lives. So, many experts think that cats purr to express different emotions such as joy, stress, or any needs. Purring is also a coping mechanism for cats to calm themselves down because scientists have seen cats start purring as they go into labor. Before you leap to conclusions, your cat might be trying tell you there is a problem. To find out what's causing the purring, you should check for other signs and see if the cat has any needs.