The Oscars 40 years ago How Was It?

The Academy Awards, or as they are commonly referred to the Oscars have been an iconic cultural event for more than 100 years. The Academy Awards honors the best in the business every year. They honor actors and directors as well as producers and others who have devoted their lives to bring their stories to life in the grand screen.

The world is currently enjoying the phenomenon of Everything, Everywhere, All at Once being one of the best movies ever produced, it's worthwhile to take a look back at what things were like forty years ago to observe how far we've come since 1983.

1. Sasha Czack and Sly Stallone Sasha Czack and Sly Stallone, young Sly walking on the red carpet

Do you remember the days when Rocky was one of the biggest franchises of film following Terminator? Here's Stallone with his first wife who exudes confidence after the movie's release Rocky III.